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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Budget - Non-Createspace

Now here's where we get to the fun stuff - giving away perfectly good, sell-able books in the hope that someone, somewhere will read it and write something nice.

I have budgeted to send out 100 books to magazines, papers, book clubs, mum, librarians, independent bookstores, anyone who I think might help me to move some stock and recoup enough money to put beef back on our dinner table.

Since I'll be upgrading to Pro, I'll be able to purchase my own book for USD$4.40 each, plus postage (guessing $3 each book because the good people at Createspace have apparently never posted anything to Australia), so USD$7.60 a book, or roughly AUD$8.50. Then I'll need to post them out, so add AUD$5.00. And suddenly I'm down AUD$13.50 a book, or AUD$1,350 all up for this one marketing ploy alone.

Now I know someone who worked for a magazine, so I know that most of the books they receive end up weighing the bins down, but what choice do I have. If I'm going to get the sales I need to get my book noticed. With 100 actual physical books out there surely someone will read it.

And what I'll tell myself is that 100 people are enjoying my book. I just got a warm fuzzy. :)

The following costs aren't in my budget yet, but I think I'll work them in.

Paper Bags - I've budgeted $300 to buy small brown bags with a one colour print (I'm working on a silhouette image) that will hopefully be walked around the shopping center or market and attract, if not attention, then recognition when they pass my table and posters. Anyway, they're not expensive - $300 will give me 500 bags. I'll decide on a second order after I work out if the idea works.

Assuming I run out of bags, which would be nice because it would mean I've sold 500 books. :)

For book signings:

Collapsible Gazebo - $200 on Ebay.

Camping Table & Chairs - $160 on Ebay.

Posters - $500

I might even have a few t-shirts made :) That would be pretty cool.

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