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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Createspace Option.

A good friend of mine sent me a link a week ago to a site called Createspace. Wasn't it an eyeopener!

Suddenly publishing my book is a real possibility.

For a week I've trawled the site, punching in numbers and trying to cost things. I've come a cropper on postage though - there isn't anywhere on the site to get a quote.

So on Friday night I sent off an email asking for some idea. They emailed me back saying they had no idea. I emailed them Saturday suggesting they perhaps should. They emailed me back confirming that they don't, but that when I order the book the postage will calculate prior to any payment being charged to my credit card. I emailed them back, mentioning that while I won't be charged for that particular book until I agree to the postage charge I will have spent 5 grand on their site to get things to the point where I could order the blasted book, and I'd like to know, prior to forking out all those readies, how much the postage will be, thank you very much.

Still waiting for an answer, but I'm not expecting much joy.

I did find a comment in the forums that an Australian author pays $2 to $3 for postage on each book he orders, so I guess in the end I'll just have to allow $3 and consider it a bonus if it's less.

I must admit that if I'm having trouble with Createspace at the enquiry stage I do worry about what lies in stall for me down the track.

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