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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just As Lovi On The Inside.

In stark contrast to the Createspace people, Michelle Lovi has again responded quickly to my query about costings for having her set out the inside of my book.

Michelle says:

75,000 is approximately 200 pages at 6x9" using Minion Pro at 11pt as an example.
At 5.06 x 7.81" it would need about 260 pages.

My rate is $0.90 per page for standard pages, and $1.20 for non-standard pages (eg. decorated chapter headings). Pages with subheadings would be considered a standard page.

So, for the 6x9 book, as an estimate, it would be 17 x 1.2 = $20.4 + 183 x 0.9 = $164.70 = $185.10. And the smaller book would be approx $239.10.

Custom Book Interior, as you may recall, was US$499 on Createspace. For one book. So I'm looking at a further saving here of $335 for my Trade sized book (6" x 9"). Thats 26 less books I have to sell at $19.95!

Suddenly I'm down to 522 sales needed to recoup my costs.


  1. Hi. Congrats on writing a book. I just published a cookbook, 26 Ingredients. I self published through http://www.equilibriumbooks.com/index.htm
    They usually do your genre, my cookbook is their first ever.

    Neil was really helpful and it was so much easier going through them than some of the other ones I tried.

    Good luck with it. :)

  2. Thanks. I'll look up http://www.equilibriumbooks.com/index.htm straight away. And ditto congrats on your cookbook - how have the sales been going? Where have you listed the book for sale?