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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a Lovi Saving.

I received prompt word back from Michelle Lovi and was pleasantly surprised to find I may have finally over-estimated an area of my budget. Michelle says:

My cover design rates are $85 for the initial design at 6x9" and then $30 to resize it to the smaller trim size, given that the two sizes are not proportionate, and will require adjustments.

If you provide artwork of the right resolution, I can work with that. Or if you want to provide a brief, I can research stock images for you. which might incur additional fees if I cannot find suitable free stock art. If you want to commission a photoshoot or an illustrator, I can arrange this, but cannot provide a quote for these services until I receive a design brief.

So things are looking up. My Excel Spreadsheet tells me that if I go with Michelle I reduce the number of books I have to sell to break even by 31. Createspace wanted USD$499 for this service (and that's prior to the resizing Michelle mentions).

Goes to show it pays to look around.

That last link doesn't seem to have worked real well. Which is a shame because there were some great examples of her work.

I've emailed Michelle back to ask a price for setting the interior. For anyone who would like to contact her, I'll throw her email address up.


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