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Bruce Devereaux currently works as a forty-five-year-old award winning customer service officer (glass statuette available upon request) for the Bank of Queensland and as a very casual employee for Corrective Services. He likes to believe he excels at both but then he has always been prone to exaggeration.


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Cover - The Plan

A couple of things I seem to have left out.

The Cover - I've budgeted $1,500 for artwork and graphic design. It's a lot, and I don't have to make it too fancy, but I often pick up a book based on the cover. It's only after it's in my hands that I read the blurb on the back, flick a few pages and decide if I want to buy it.

I've allowed $500 for art. The Gympie Show is coming up in May and I'm heading to the show to check out the local talent. The last couple of years there's been some fantastic work, so I'm hopeful I can find someone to take the commission on and produce something tangible.

I've allowed $500 for graphic design. If I can't find someone to do this for this price out here in the real world I'll simply use Createspace for this too. Although I'd rather have control over this.

So this leaves me a $500 contingency fund.

I'm also having silhouette's of two boys done for the cover and internal. My wife thinks she may be able to do this on photoshop. She's very smarts with a camera, so I'm hopeful. Otherwise my contingency fund is going to shrink some more.

I've been searching Amazon and my local bookstore looking for ideas and I think I've hit on the kind of thing I like, although it's still a bit vague.

For colours I'm thinking black background with vibrant oranges and yellows. But when I've got a paintbrush in my hand I have difficulty drawing breath, so we'll see how it goes.

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