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Bruce Devereaux is one of the nicest people he knows. When not at work he enjoys reading, writing, hiding from his children and not changing nappies.


His career, and if we used the term any more loosely an e might fall out, has included a gardener, a personal lender, a console operator, a stop/go man (not as big a bludge as you might think but great if you’re into sunburn, abuse and varicose veins), a cleaner of banks and pubs and, for a very brief period, a door to door salesman (until the last door he knocked on was answered by a very scary woman with tremendously hairy legs).


Bruce Devereaux currently works as a forty-five-year-old award winning customer service officer (glass statuette available upon request) for the Bank of Queensland and as a very casual employee for Corrective Services. He likes to believe he excels at both but then he has always been prone to exaggeration.


His favourite colour is green, with a picture of Dame Nellie Melba on one side and General Sir John Monash on the other. His favourite flower is self-raising.

 If you see him around town, call his wife immediately - he's probably snuck out and left her alone with all the kids.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Unlikely Start

Hello out there.

I want to start 'Day One' but the fact is this project of mine has been brewing for 2 years or more. This is very fortunate for anyone who cares to follow this journey into self publishing, because there probably wouldn't have been much to write about before now. Just a lot of 'Wrote a chapter. Went to bed late.'

Pillow2Pen2Paper will be my journey towards self publishing my first book.

I don’t think I’m overstating the point when I mention some of my best work has been done in the bedroom. For example, I proposed to my wife in bed and that turned out to be a fantastic decision.

‘Great Scott’, the working title of my labour of love, began as a bout of insomnia. At 3am in the morning I lay awake, staring at the ceiling and wondering if perhaps I shouldn’t have had a coffee at 11pm afterall.

As my wife had only recently made me sit through The Secret, and then swear that I would engage in its doctrine (yes, we have a vision board), I began to run through the process of asking the universe for things. I might add here that the entire purpose of this was simply so I could tell my lovely wife how clever I’d been during the night and to score some brownie points.

What happened, however, was that the lead characters of my book leapt into my head and began to thrash out a storyline.

So you’ll be joining me eight months out from my publishing goal of 1st December 2010 as I attempt to pull this bad boy together.

Wish me luck.

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