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Monday, March 29, 2010

Self Publish Australia Quote

Got a quote back today from local (Aussie) printer - Self Publish Australia. My wife is going to have kittens when I put my latest idea to her.

Self Publish Australia wrote:

Title: Great Scott
Format supplied: Print-ready PDF from client (contact us for details if unsure)
Page Extent: Book of 288 pages text. (most economical page count, divisible by 48)
Trim Page Size: C Format (235mm x 155mm)
PRINTING: Black ink throughout. 
STOCK:  71gsm Bulky Paperback (specialty 'Publishers' Choice' book printing paper)
PRINTING: COVER - Full colour plus Gloss celloglaze  on one side only.
STOCK: 240gsm One sided Artboard (bulkier/thicker than standard 300gsm Matt Art)
Binding: Perfect bound, square back and trimmed flush.
Packing: In cartons of suitable size, bulk packed.
Delivery: Inclusive, Australian metro address
COST: 1,000 books         $  6,880  +GST  

Plus GST means $7568 by my reckoning. But I work in a bank, so for Pete's sake don't take my word for it. For 1000 copies, that makes it $7.57 a book. And this includes postage.

Compare this with Createspace at $15 +/- a book (postage is the killer at $9 plus). So about half price.

BUT (and it's a pretty big but, which is why I put it in capital), with Createspace I can order as I go, whereas with Self Publish Australia their minimum order is 1000, all upfront. 

I plan on selling 579 books, so I theoretically will be purchasing $7500 of books anyway - with Self Publish Australia they'll be half price, which is more for me.

Problem is, I am increasing my losses if I don't.

Actually, the real problem is that I have to convince my wife to fork out more money up front.

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