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Bruce Devereaux currently works as a forty-five-year-old award winning customer service officer (glass statuette available upon request) for the Bank of Queensland and as a very casual employee for Corrective Services. He likes to believe he excels at both but then he has always been prone to exaggeration.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Postage Hits a Wall.

Following Createspace's advice, I set up a dummy book (which took ages because I had to convert said dummy book to pdf, wait for them to approve it - twice because I sent the wrong size) and they approved it. Now I've gone to make a dummy order and I'm told there is a maximum 5 books I can order because it's at the proof stage.

One book would cost me US$14.72 in postage.

Five books it drops to US$58.47, which is a considerable saving but still doesn't answer my query for 100,200 and 300 book orders.

And I do NOT want to have to order a proof of my dummy book so I can move forward to the next stage.

Surely they don't expect me to pay US$25 to find out how much postage will be?

This frustration at my inability to find out postage costs was the last thing I thought I'd be stuck on.

Maybe it's time to strike up an e-conversation with the people at LightningSource.

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